Date field shows hh:mm when the field is not updatable by my group


Anyone knows if is this some sort of bug? 

There is a date type field, when i set the advanced setting “Updatable by” to a group I'm not in, the date field also shows 14:00 instead just the standard date format. It occurs on every project we've created.

When there is not any gorup set to “Updatable by” the field appears to show the data correctly:

It wasn't an issue on our prievous version of YouTrack (Build 2021.4.36872), but we upgraded a couple of weeks ago to Build 2024.1.26294

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Hi Matyas, I'm afraid this is a known issue: JT-79902. There is no ETA for the fix yet. Feel free to subscribe to this issue by voting or marking it with a star to receive updates. 


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