Restricting State transitions to particular groups

Hi there,

I've set up a state machine to control the flow of bugs in our YouTrack Cloud project, but I'd like to only allow certain people to be able to trigger certain transitions (e.g. “Claim Fixed” to “Verified” should only be done by someone in the QA group). 

I've found a few old posts about this, but none of them are particularly clear on the steps (I've not done any custom scripts, which seems to be the way people are achieving this). I'm just wondering if there's a more GUI way to do it, or a guide to this use-case somewhere?




Hi Rob! Yes, if you want to restrict some state changes, you can script that with a custom workflow. This can be achieved using the visual constructor; e.g., like so:

The above setup is achieved using an on-change rule. You can provide these conditions in a state-machine rule just as well, but that will require writing some code, so the above method may be preferred when the required logic is not that complicated.


Perfect. Thanks!


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