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I need to search for values with parentheses () in the summary field. But I did not find a way to escape parentheses so that these are not interpreted.

For instance: summary: "(IT)"

results in all summaries with "IT", but I want "(IT)".



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Hello Rene, thank you for reaching out!

Unfortunately it's currently only possible to search for words and phrases when you're using a full-text search. Our search query language doesn't support any escape characters.

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Have you updated your API since 2016 to provide a functionality to escape special characters when searching for issues?

In my case I need to search for an issues by email address and one of the email addresses has a dash ( ) in it so I do not get expected results.

Thank you



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Hi Joe, sorry for the delayed reply. Is this email address stored in a custom field or do you search using full-text search?

Could you please submit a support request and attach an example of the search that you perform that doesn't give you expected results? In addition, please show the issue that should have been found by that search and an example of an issue that shouldn't have been found but is present in the results.

Thank you very much.



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