Agile Board issue in 7.0

Recently out Youtrack Web subscription has been automatically updated to 7.0. It has broken a process for us.


Before, I had email integration setup, which on receipt of an Email would create a new issue and it would appear in one of the swimlanes on an Agile dashboard. since the update, these new tasks are not going straight into the swimlane, instead are going into the backlog. Please advise how to fix this?


Many Thanks in advance!

Official comment

Hello Ilya,

please check the settings of your agile board. If you want your board to behave as before, you need to select 'Link sprints to custom field' option in the agile board settings, as described here:

Please also check the summary of differences between agile management in the new version and in the old one here: and here:

Please note that you can't set a custom query for a board anymore. If you need assistance with configuring your board, you can Submit a request into our support system and share a screenshot of your current board settings there.

Thank you.

When I'm creating a new board, and a new spring, none of the existing issues appear on the board until I change the 'linked spring' value and then change it back. Needless to say, this is incredibly broken.


Hello Jon,

we are going to fix this usability problem very soon, please watch updates here:


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