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We are running YouTrack 6.5, where we have a Group with the Developer Role and access to all of our projects.  According to the Developer role description, "Developer has the same access rights as Reporter and can also change all issues attributes."  I also see in the list of detailed enabled Permissions that Create Comment, Update Comment, Create Tag, etc are all enabled.  But, I have a user (that's in this group) that cannot create comments or tags on issues that he didn't create.  He IS able to create new issues and comment/tag on his issues.  Is this expected behavior?  

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Hello Berhodes,

thank you for reaching out!

Please submit a request into our support system and share the following:

1) screenshot of Administration > Roles > Developer > Permissions (multiple screenshots probably to contain all permissions)

2) screenshot of Administration > Groups > your group > Roles

3) screenshot of Administration > Users > your user > Groups

4) screenshot of Administration > Users > your user > Roles


By the way, does this user experience troubles with issues from one project or from multiple projects?

Thank you!

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Submitted case today after upgrading to 7.0: 

Request #803099


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