Backlog according the Sprint selected in Agile Board

The system can not have a Sprint Backlog, because the saved search only works for Product Backlog.

My developers are confused because the Backlog items are of Sprint and Product.

If I have two Sprints running at the same time, the backlog will appear the Issues for the two sprints, making it difficult to view a prioritization.

How could I filter my Backlog for the selected Sprint?

Even because the Product Backlog is solved with Saved Search in the Issues list and I do not need to see all product Issues in Agile Board.

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right now there is indeed one backlog search for the whole board, for all sprints on that board.

As a workaround you could create a separate search for each sprint that you need and then select this search in the dropdown list in your backlog.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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