Standardizing Estimation

In order to standardize the Estimation field, we have a workflow rule as follows:

when Estimation.changed && issue.parent for.isEmpty { 
var interval = created + Estimation;
var difference = interval - created;
assert (Estimation == 1 hour || Estimation == 2 hours || Estimation == 4 hours || difference.millis % 86400000 == 0): "Permitted Estimations are: 1h, 2h, 4h, and multiples of 8h";

 After having discovered problems with large estimations, it appears that millis are being calculated incorrectly for >3d.

Is there a better approach?

Official comment

Hello John,

thank you for your question. Could you please tell us, what are the settings that you currently have in Time Tracking section (Administration > Time Tracking)? How many Hours per day do you have there and how many workdays?

Thank you!

For Time Tracking (/admin/workSchedule), the settings are:

Hours per Day: 8

Workdays: Monday-Friday


Hello John,

sorry for the delay. We have just implemented a workaround which allows users to perform calculations with periods. Please wait until the workaround is delivered, you can subscribe to the updates here:

We believe that this improvement might help you work with periods more effectively.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


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