Can't remove tasks from board


I recently upgraded to YouTrack 7. We have a version field which identifies the Sprint and use tags for different teams (7 teams). Each team has an Agile Board which was working with the combination of team-tag and Sprint version field.

After migration to 7, some tasks are now assigned to the boards of all teams.
If I want to remove a task from a board using the command: "remove Board Team XY" I'll get a warning: "Board Team XY" expected.

I read that with version 7 the tasks are explicitly assigned to a board. In the board config, the "Sprint options" are set to "Link sprints to custom field" which points to the version field of the project. Maybe that is reason why tasks are assigned to all that boards when someone sets the version on a task?

How should I setup multiple boards for all teams but use the same version field for the Sprint?

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Official comment

Hello Christof, that is correct, you need to specify sprint in your command.

The use case that you describe is not possible right now, but we will make an update soon where we will return the board query. After that you'll be able to support your use case. Please subscribe to the updates of this issue in our tracker: to be notified of the progress.

Found out that the remove command needs both, Board and Sprint: remove Board Team XY Sprint_45


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