Unable to View Project

I'm using YouTrack in the cloud. I've created a project on which I'm admin and I'm trying to assign users to the project. If I add external users they can see the project on the project list but when they click on the link they get this




and no access to the project.


If I give them the 'project admin' role then they are able to access the project (which I'd rather not d). 


Am I missing something?



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Hello Kevin,

could you please tell us the name of your instance?

And could you probably send us a screenshot of this message?


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Hello, same for me.
Where I can send details about this issue?


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Hello Yuri, sorry for the delay. Please check that your users access YouTrack and not Hub, the correct link would be http://yourinstance.myjetbrains.com/youtrack 

If your users still have issues accessing YouTrack projects, please send a screenshot of the error (with URL in the address bar visible) + screenshots of the browser console. You can send those details to youtrack-incloud-support@jetbrains.com

Thank you!


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