Mailbox fetching interval won't go to 1 minute


i'm using the cloud hosted solution of youtrack, and i'm trying to increase to fetching interval from the mailbox to one minute. But when i set it to the custom cron:  Custom (0 * * * * ?),  it still only polls every 10 minutes.

How an i solve this?


Leon de Vries

Official comment

Hello Leon,

right now the smallest fetching interval in cloud is 10 minutes. Even if you configure a smaller custom interval using cron expression, the mail will be fetched once every 10 minutes.

Dear Liubov,

Is er any way to increase this? I really like youtrack using as a service desk, but a fetching time of 10 minutes is to big for handling conversations.


Hello Leon, unfortunately there is no way to increase this interval in Cloud.


I agree, this needs to be reduced, I know we can trigger a poll but the idea with IMAP is it's constantly connected and issues are raised immediately. 


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