Archive sprint and Fixed version values synchronization



I've created a custom field to track fix versions

I've added a bunch of versions that represent our sprints

I've archived the versions that we successfully released (particularly sg-16-40)

However I'm still able to see them in the sprint dropdown 


They become archived only if I manually archive them in the pop up window


Is it an expected behavior? If so how can I synchronize fixed version field statuses with sprint drop down values so that if I archive a sprint the related fixed version becomes automatically archived and the other way round?

Thanks and kind regards,


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Hello Mike,

please send us a screenshot of your board settings. Thank you.

When you refresh the page with your board, does it help?

Also please check that you're editing the field values in the values bundle of the project which your board is linked with.



Thank you for your reply.

Here are the board configuration screens: 

And here is eventually the values bundle the project board is linked with: 


Hello Mikhail,

please tell, do you use an InCloud instance or a standalone one? If it's InCloud, please tell us the name of your instance. If it's standalone, please provide the full logs as per p.1 here:

Thank you!


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