Moving the story from current sprint's agile board to Backlog not working in the new version


Go to Agile board

Expand the backlog by clicking the backlog Icon

Select one of the card and move it to backlog(Drag and drop)



This card does not match the saved search for backlog issues that is used by this agile board.
To display this card in the backlog, change its properties to match the saved search.

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Official comment

Hi, sorry for the delay. When you move a card to backlog, the only thing that happens is that the card is removed from the sprint. It doesn't mean that the card goes into the backlog at this moment. In terms of YouTrack backlog is just a saved search, so the card either matches the query or it doesn't. If the card doesn't match the query of your backlog, it is expected that it isn't shown there.

You can try to reconfigure your backlog search so that the cards removed from the board got to the backlog.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, thank you.

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