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I am trying to create a Workflow to have when a ticket is entered in a default state that upon submission it will automatically change the state and notify 2 specific individuals for review.  Unfortunately I am trying to learn the basics of JScript while doing this as no one in my office knows how to code in it.  Any assistance in what I need to do would be appreciated as I am not getting very far in understanding how to set this up.



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Hello Kenh, sorry for the delay.

If I got your use case correctly, you will need a workflow written like this:


rule Default State - Change it and notify 2 people
when issue.isReported() && issue.State == {Submitted} {
    issue.State = {Open};
    var projectLeader = project.leader;
    projectLeader.notify("Attention", "Please pay attention to " + getId());
    var creator = issue.reporter;
    creator.notify("Attention", "State of the issue " + getId() + " is changed to Open");
Please let us know if you have any further questions or if you need help, thank you.

I tried entering the information provided above but when I get to the projectLeader.notify section I am getting the attached issue.




I figured out my issue and got the rule working, but my only issue is that I need to email once changed not to update the project leader but 2 specific users who will be reviewing the ticket first.  How can I change this going forward to submit an email to those individual users instead of the project leader?

Thank you so much for your help!


KenH, you can use any other user with the .notify method, I've just written you an example.

Please find more information on how to get a user here:


Understood.  Thanks!


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