Is it possible to add date details in reports

Hi all,
We are looking at using the time based reporting here, but currently I can only find how to generate reports on amount of time spent on an issue. I would like to have more date type data in the report, such as when an issue was added to status closed, what was the date.?
Is this possible currently, and if so how?


Hello Sandy,

Thank you for your request!
Time report doesn't assume these details, but I suggest to try Resolution time report.
Also, other Timeline reports may be helpful in your case.


the resolution time report does not specify when the clock starts, is it when the ticket is opened?

if so, is it indeed possible to change that, and define/choose a specific state for the clock to start counting?

as for when the clock stops, i am assuming it is currently by default picking when the ticket is 'resolved'?

again, we have different types of resolved, could we choose when the 'end' time is?


Hello Laurence,

you're right, when you use a Resolution Time Report, it starts counting when an issue is opened and stops when the issue is resolved. We actually have some new more elaborate documentation on Resolution Time Reports, it is going to be published soon with the new release 7.0. If you'd like me to share a piece on Resolution Time Reports with you, please create a ticket into our support system by clicking Submit a request.

Please also take a look at the 'Average issue age' report, you can actually configure desired issue states there.

Let me know if you have further questions on configuring reports or something else.


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