can't edit states

I am admin in the system.
I go to Custom Fields, then States; which takes me to bundles > states
I see my list of states (which I have been able to edit in the past).
But there is no way to edit them (add/remove/etc).
Oddly it does let me drag to reorder them.
Above the list of states is this message, which maybe implies that I don't have permission. But as I said I am admin and also project admin for all projects.
What am I doing wrong?

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Hello Matt,

We really appreciate your patience! I'm very sorry for not getting back to you earlier.
You may observe this because the bundle is shared between other projects to which you may not have Update project permission.
I kindly ask you to refer to Administration> Users> your user> Access tab> Permission> check Update project permission in all target projects.


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