How do I get rid of the "X" (clear) out of a custom field?

I created a custom field for "creation date" to record the date that the issue was created in you track. It will allow me to select today's date or a previous date (for older issues) which is what I want.

What I dont want is have the "X" for clearing the date out. I could not find any information in the help on getting rid of this "X" for clearing the date. I dont want anyone to accidentaly clear the date out once it has been added.

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Hello Jerry,

Thank you very much for your patience!
You are able to make this field of Private type (Administration> Projects> Fields tab> your field).
After that, please check that the rest users have permission to Read private fields.
Target group (or just you) should have Read and Update private fields.

Let me know if need any further assistance.


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