Help! Data missing after upgrade


I had the beta version of YouTrack installed on a Win2003 server using Tomcat under xampp.

I used the TomCat manager to stop and undeploy YouTrack.

I couldn't remove everything from the C:\xampp\tomcat\webapps\youtrack directory, so stopped TomCat and deleted it manually.

I then restarted TomCat, used the web manager to deploy the latest EAP of YouTrack (I renamed it to youtrack.war first).

The installation seemed to work fine. I logged in as Root and filled in the info it asked for.

Finally, once I reached the admin screen, it was clear that this was a clean/empty database.

Help! How do I get it to pick up all of the existing issues?

This is rather urgent.




Is it true that you were dropped on the Setup screen first? Could you please check the contents of your ${home}/teamsysdata directory? Is there any other directory with the .jdb files? Are you logged in now as the same user as you were logged in when you did the previous deployment?


I also had this thought so I went searching and I found another teamsysdata directory under the currently logged in user (instead of Default User). From this, I figured out what had happened was this:

I had Tomcat running as a service.

I stopped it to clean out the files that it was locking.

I restarted Tomcat - but as the process that runs as the user and not the service! D'oh!

So of course the install worked fine but it was looking in a different place for the data.

I've stopped the Tomcat process, restarted the Tomcat service - and we're back!

Phew! Apologies for the panic earlier. Losing all the data would have been... not well received!

Thanks again for the rapid response boys. My client were wary of installing such a cutting edge

product - so it's good to be able to say that you're there for me!



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