Fixed => Resolved?


Rather than raise a bug, I thought I'd start a discussion because I guess, as most thing, it depends.

Our Test Manager just came over and indicated that in the latest release, with the introduction of "Verified", issues set to "Fixed" should no longer be crossed out, nor appear in the "Resolved" group.

I think this is a fair point and was going to raise an issue. However, you've already indicated that the ability to customise the states entirely was coming so this would enable us to remove Fixed from the Resolved group manually.



Hi Lee,

That's probably a fair point but I doubt that we'll exclude the "fixed" state from the "resolved" group before we introduce custom workflow, which we're intending to do in the next version next year.

That's simply because the "verified" state is not yet used ubiquitously, and exlucing "fixed" from "resolved" would lead to confusion for many users.




I agree completely. Other systems that I've used in the past had an (unresolved) "Fixed, Not Tested" state that the developer would use before the "Fixed" state.

I had to run a command to change all of the Fixed issues to Verified after upgrading since they were suddenly in the wrong state.


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