Automatic assignments in YouTrack

Hi.  This is a two-part question:

  • Is it possible to automatically assign issues (when they are created) based on a filter?   If not, is this planned?
  • If so, can the automatic assignments be configured based on particular events?  Example:
    • When an item is moved to "Fixed" state, auto-assign to a particular user for testing purposes
    • Again, would be nice if this would be based on a filter (to assign to the correct tester based on the subsystem or custom field value)



It is planned to provide workflow customization in the next version of YouTrack. Custom workflow would enable automatic assignments of values to fields. Also I created an issue for you JT-6336.


>> "automatic assignments of values to fields"

What I mean is: setting the assignee automatically.  Is this what you mean?  If so, then that's great news.

Is there an estimated release date?



Not only assignee, but any issue field.

We want to release next YouTrack version this autumn, but currently release date is not defined. Anyway we are going to open EAP soon.


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