Struggling with installation

I downloaded all of the different installer files and I am completely stumped on how to install this.. The docs assume I have access to my server completely, but I do not. I have shared hosting, which is the ASP.NET Pro Plan here:

How do I get the files out of the installers so I can upload them via FTP and then open the main page up in my web browser to view it?

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Please, take a look on the list of YouTrack supported environments. YouTrack requires hosting with servlet container.  For example, you can install YouTrack to Amazon Cloud.

  1. Register amazon ec2 account.
  2. Create ec2 security group with port 80 open.
  3. Start host with linux EBS AMI and with created security group.
  4. Login into started host and install youtrack as a service (
  5. Create your own EBS AMI for running host - it will contains installed youtrack.
  6. In a case of host shutdows (it may happen sometimes) restart it from your own EBS AMI.
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Interesting, but not really what I want.

I want it on my server, and it is a supported environment, since it is Windows Server 2008.

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To install youtrack on ASP.NET hosting you have to install youtrack.exe and connect IIS with youtrack build-in Tomcat. See for details.

If you can't execute youtrack.exe on your hosting, then contact your hosting support with question how to deploy J2EE web applications.


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