Iinternal/external bugs with visibility control


I would like to use YouTRACK to store bugs that come from inside the compagny and also the ones that the customer report.

Of course, the customer must not be able to see more than the bugs he already know.

Does someone know how to configure YouTRACK to manage bugs/users visibility settings ?

- Internal bugs are visible only for the compagny people.

- External bugs are visible for the compagny people and for external users.

I feel it could be done with 2 projects : one used only at the compagny , and the other one only used by the customer.

But, is there a smarter solution with only one project ?


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There are two ways to do it:

  1. First, is to have two separate projects.
  2. Second, is to have internal group and set it as accessible group for each internal issue.

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