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I was hoping someone could clarify when emails are sent from creating/changing issues e.g. if I create an issue, is the email sent as soon as I click the create button or is there a slight delay?

The reason I'm asking is a lot of the time we'll create an issue and then afterwards update the tags on the left hand side and I was wondering if that was bombarding users with emails.

Also the same applies to editing an issue, if you comment and then re-assign the user does it:

a. Send an email on comment to anyone currently watching it, send an email re-assigning it (but not including the comment to the user)

b. Send an email a few minutes after you've made the ammends so it includes all changes?

If a it would be a bit of a pain as the user won't get the comments in their assignment and as some users don't open the issue tracker (and just work off email) it breaks their workflow. It would be nice if when you're assigned to a ticket for the first time, it included a summary of the ticket and the last couple of comments so you can see what's going on straight away from the email.

Interested to know how it works.


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Hello Tim,

Thank you pointing to such an important topic we're missing in the documentation. We've added the detailed description of merging and sending notifications rules to FAQ. Also, we're planning to implement the Email notification digest, so vote for this feature if you consider it to be important.

Kind regards,

YouTrack Team     


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