Problem with Custom Fields and enums on projects


I have a problem with the custom fields.

I've created an enum called "Milestone enum" and it consists of the following values:

No milestone

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Then I have a custom field called "Milestone" which is of type enum[1].

When I then attach the custom field to my project I select the custom field "Milestone (enum[1])" and choose the enumeration "Milestone enum".

What is causing me problems is that the empty field text is not mappable to an enum value.

If I enter the text "No milestone" it will not generate a hit by a search on the enum value "No milestone", I must actively select the "No milestone" from the enumlist.

I would like the enum value "No milestone" to be assigned automatically on an issue, is this possible?

kind regards


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Hello Mattias,

Setting the defaults for the custom field values will be available in the next version. This functionality is already included to the latest EAP build. Please, follow this link for more details:

You can download EAP build here: to play with the custom field defaults and other new features.


YouTrack Team


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