problem with REST API when creating an issue 'submitted by' paramemter missing


The REST API docs suggest I cannot set the attribute for 'submitted by' via the REST API.  This is a problem when importing data from another system.  the 16000 items I am importing all say the issue was submitted by 'root'.  this means I have lost the original person who submitted the item.

Is there any means for me to set this name to somehting more sensible than root?

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Yep. Just for an import case we have special import API. It allows bulk issue upload, 'submitted by' field setup, etc. Check this for URL for the details. Also we have several Python scripts that import issues from different trackers to YouTrack using this API. You can use this scripts as a reference import implementation:

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Hi Maxim,

I took a look at the link to the REST API, but I could not find any documentation associated with the 'submitted by' field.  I followed your link, but there is not text matching 'submitted'.  I checked the other links, but still no luck.  I am fairly familiar with your existing documentation.  Maybe you can point me at another link?




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