Setting default assignee for project

I am having issues trying to setup default assignee for a project using the hosted YouTrack --YouTrack Energy EAP (build #132)

These are the steps I followed:

1. From /youtrack/projects --> clicked on the Project, then on Fields, then on the Assignee link from the Bundle column.

2. Added the Developers group (2 users) to this bundle.

3. Back to Project Fields --> clicked on Assignee from the 'Name' column and I get the pop-up for Update Custom Field

4. If I click on the dropdown for the 'Default Values' field I am able to select a name from the list but as soon as I hit Apply / Enter the field return to blank.

5. If I hit save nothing gets saved, hence there is no default for the project!

6. I also assigned 'owner' to the default sub-system on this project (Unknown subsystem), hoping that it would be the default assignee.. but it ddint work.

What am I doing wrong?



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Hello, Erich.

You did everything right. They are bugs:

Thank you for report.


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