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Is it possible to set project visibility to specific group, just like it is with issues?

I.e. I wouldn't like everyone to know about some special projects.

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yes, you can do it.

Permissions set for Roles and Roles are attached to Groups where you can set them per Project in Group.

So, first of all you should edit two predefined Groups "All Users" "New Users". Goto Administration -> Groups , Roles tab.

Click Edit per Role and in opened list check only projects that it should be used for. Note! that if no Porject selected it means same that all projects selected. Don't select projects that you don't want to show.

Second: create group for users for your project. Assign needed Roles to it per project. Add Users into this group.

That's all.

Already created users and new ones won't get access to the project, they even won't see it in list of projects, only users that you've specified on second step.


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