Localized UI

Do you have localized UI ? If no, do you have plan to localize?

Our customers haven't good knowledge of english. Most of our customers speak and write on russian language.

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Hello Denis,

we are planning implement Youtrack localization in the next version, you can vote for http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/JT-1808

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That was almost a year ago.
Since the we had several "next version", but still no localization.

Also, the most relevant ticket about this issue doesn't provide any actual feedback about the development status.

Can we have an actual official statement about the current progress of this ticket and, even better, an ETA?

Also, an official statement explaining why you've decided to limit the one-day-in-the-future-supported languages to just a few (apparently hard-coded?), instead of providing a system that can be localized by the user itself.

In my company the only reason why they don't want to buy the product is that it won't be understood by most of our clients and this is the reasons why most of your potential non English speaking customers won't buy a license.

It is really so unimportant to you to the point of not giving any feedback and procrastinating this feature?

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