How to implement sending nptifications to users of some group

Say I have a project and a group of users that have access to it - call them "Developers". I need such use case implemented: when new issue created - notification should be sent to all "Developers" , not just to assignee. So that everyone could keep track of what is going on and knew about fresh issues :-). Is it possible?

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Hi Igor,

I created request, feel free to vote fot this.

As workaroud you can attach custom field of type user[*], iterate users in workflow and send notification to each member.

The following code will send notification for all developers of custom field 'My users' (user[*]):

statemachine notify developers for field State {

  initial state Submitted {
    in 1 minute[isReported()] do {
      for each user in My Users {
        user.notify("Issue created", "Issue " + getId() + " created.");



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