Tool/Feature like Atlassian FishEye for YouTrack

Can anyone tell me is there or will there be a tool or feature like Atlassian FishEye for YouTrack. Working with this tool in Jira is like dream come true. I hope that if there isn't such tool/feature for YouTrack at the moment, that it definitely will be done and used by a majority of users. One of the great advantages of such tool is viewing files commited to sertain issue and viewing their diffs of course. I really really, that there is not will be such tool/feature in near future in YouTrack.

If there already please tell. Thank's to all.

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To achieve described functionality with YouTrack, you have to integrate it with TeamCity (

In that case,YouTrack will pull commits from TeamCity and link them with issues, allowing to:

1. navigate from issues to commits and see diffs in TeamCity

2. navigate from commits to issues

3. execute commands from commit messages  (


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