Bugzilla migration failing

Hi all.  I'm trying to import data from our Bugzilla server to YouTrack and in the middle of importing Issues, it fails with the following error:

Processing tags for issue [ 4523 ]

Processing tag [ stopper-candidate ]

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 330, in <module>


  File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 27, in main

    bugzilla2youtrack(target_url, target_login, target_pass, bz_db, bz_host, bz_port, bz_login, bz_pass, bz_product_names)

  File "bugzilla2youtrack.py", line 291, in bugzilla2youtrack

    target.executeCommand(str(product_id) + "-" + str(issue.id), "tag " + t.encode('utf8'))

  File "/home/sqa/Downloads/youtrack_python_client_library/youtrack/connection.py", line 454, in executeCommand

    urllib.urlencode(params), body='')

  File "/home/sqa/Downloads/youtrack_python_client_library/youtrack/connection.py", line 39, in _req

    raise youtrack.YouTrackException(url, response, content)

youtrack.YouTrackException: Error for [/issue/9-4523/execute?command=tag+stopper-candidate]: 400: Bad Request: Unknown command: unknown command: -candidate

It looks like it's failing on the keyword "stopper-candidate".  Any ideas on how to get around this?  Thanks!

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Hello, Chris!

Am I right, that you have another keyword, named 'stopper'?

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Hi Anna. You are correct -- we do have a stopper keyword.

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There is a known issue about this problem -- http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/JT-711

But there is walkaround. You can rename your stopper keyword in bugzilla to some other word, f.e. stopper1. After that migrate to YouTraсk and than rename your stopper1 keyword back.

Also, it is strongly recommended to remove all imported fields and projects from YouTrack

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Ahhh...thanks, Anna.  I'll bet that's it.  I did rename the stopper-candidate keyword to stoppercandidate and was able to proceed.  I am running into another issue, however (looks like it's failing on the attachment import) however I'll write up a new question on that.  Thanks so much!


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