Using import more than once in the same project

If I understand it right, import is supposed to be done once at the beggining of the project, creating all the fields, filling up data etc. Is there a possibility to use this tool to import data continualy? For example when someone is doing his work offline and once in a while uploads his batch to the project?



from which tracker are you importing?


I'm using csv import via YouTrack Python library. YouTrack replaces shared excel in our company and people here are used to work in excel at home and then just copypaste it. This process has to be preserved at least for some time until it is possible to connect to intranet from home. I think the easiest way to preserve this process is to export as csv from excel and import csv to YouTrack.

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No, currently it is not possible.I've created an issue for you: So you can vote for it ant follow it to know when it is fixed.


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