Create New Issue With Custom Field

I have a custom field in my tracker that I need to populate.

Is the only way to set values of custom fields to create the issue then use commands on it?

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Hello Jon,

The issue you've mentioned is about issue creation via REST API.

Are you asking about REST or about issue creation via graphical interface (like "New issue" button)?


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Yes REST API. I am using it for my automated issue reporter and I need to store the email of the submitter in a private field.


I just create the issue, then use the REST API to run the command "<private field> <value>"  This required giving the issue reporter permissions to update private fields.

The only problem with this is I don't have a secure way to store the password that the issue reporter uses.


Unfortunately currently there is no way to set issue custom field in the same request you create an issue. BTW, you need no to store password between REST calls, you can use cookie returned by YouTrack on login call.


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