Exception when trying to open, reopen or mark a duplicate a ticket

When trying to mark a ticket from "Fixed" to one of these values:
  • Open
  • Reopened
  • Duplicate
..and perhaps also other values, I get a message like that:
Unknown field [Fixed in build] of type [Issue]. Workflow rule "jetbrains-youtrack-updateFixBuild->Clear Fixed in build on issue unresolve" thrown exception in project xxxxxxxx. Contact rule owner root (root) for futher information.
I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I did wrong in the administration area.
If is the second case, how can I restore YouTrack settings, without losing my existing data?
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Is seems you detached custom field "Fixed in build" (message: "Unknown field [Fixed in build] of type [Issue]...") but leave workflow "jetbrains-youtrack-updateFixBuild" attached.

So there are 2 ways to solve the problem:

1. Detach customizable workflow "jetbrains-youtrack-updateFixBuild"

2. Attach "Fixed in build" custom field

Any time you can restore default workflows on "Workflow" screen in administration part.

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Thank you Dmitry!

I've used the second option and it works now!

Thank you again.


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