Customizing the "New Issue" screen + dealing with time tracking

I'm reviewing YouTrack's abilities and have a couple of questions.


Let's say our company has deployed a software installation for a particular customer.

We want the customer to be able to login into YouTrack and create issues.

I don't want the customer to be able to set- or even see for example: assignee, fix version, next build etc.

I want to dumb down his options so that he can only set if the bug is critical, add descriptions, screenshots etc.

I still want a developer to have all these options, but not the customer?

Can YouTrack be customized in this way?


Can I brand the YouTrack installation with our logo etc.?


How can YouTrack help us report time worked on specific issues?

Multiple people may work on a single issue at different times and we need to store a record of that so that we can bill the customer for support time.

Best regards

Johan Lund

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Hello Johan,

Thank you for your interest in YouTrack.

Please find the answers below.


You can declare a 'sensitive' field as private and do not grant an external user permissions to read or update issue private fields in a specific project.


You can replace YouTrack logo on login screen with the one of your own. Please be aware that this is not possible in a free version of YouTrack.


Comprehensive time tracking will be implemented in YouTrack 4.0. Follow to stay updated.

Meanwhile, you can leverage a field of integer type to keep track of time spent while working on an issue.

Best regards,

  Alexander Volfman

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A1. Ok this seems to work but I still have a problem.

I want to hide the "Assign to" "Link" etc. menus for customers using the system.

These seem to come back whenever I toggle the permissons for "Update Issue" and "Comment".

That turning on the ability to make a comment also turns on the menu that allows you to reassing the issue doesn't make any sense to me.

Am I missing some permission somewhere or is this a bug?

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What's the ETA on YouTrack 4?

Are there EAP versions for YouTrack 4 yet?

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Can I have some feedback on this please...

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Hello and sorry for delay.

Here is the request:
You can vote for it.


Best regards,

Kapusta Mikhail

QA Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"

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We are going to release EAP YouTrack 4 after about three months.


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