YouTrack Cloud High Availability & Replication

I saw the announcement of YouTrack for the Cloud and am definitely considering acquiring a license for it. It seems an ideal way to coordinate issues between geographically separated users, short-term testing teams, etc.

As with most public cloud solutions, a main concern is high availability of the application. I've already seen a posting in this forum indicating a user's attempted  access was blocked due to YouTrack Cloud system maintenance.

A project manager's worst nightmare would be coming to within 24 hours of an important scheduled release only to find there's no access to critical issues logged in YouTrack. It's just too worrying to put one's fate in the hands of someone else.

It seems one way to address this concern would be to allow replication to a local instance of YouTrack. Then at least one could be guaranteed access to critical data, at least as of the last replication. The local instance would be hosted behind a firewall and perhaps only be available to a subset of the Cloud users, but at least someone can get access to it. I suspect most serious organizations would gladly buy a standalone license that could be used to replicate their Cloud YouTrack data.

I'll not mark this as a question because it's more of a suggestion. If there is already some kind of replication capability, I'd be interested in hearing about it.


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Currently we backing up all databases every day.

If you'd like to have last data on your site, you can periotically export database from your InCloud YouTrack using

Real-time data synchronization may be implemented via REST API and youtrack2youtrack script

Also, I think we can discuss rsync access to database files for our customers.


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