New Worflow: Automatically change status and reassign issue when mentioned in SVN code check-in

Hello, I know this can be done by the developer automatically typing these commands in the SVN code comments, but I want to automate it so the developer only has to type the issue ID#, and YouTrack automatically re-assigns the task to the reporter and updates the status to Fixed.  What would the custom workflow rule look like for this scenario?

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Hi Mattew,

customizable workflow system currently doesn't allow directly fire workflow rules on teamcity commit receiving, but you can get around it: Create new state "Commit received", set Apply Command "State Commit received" in Teamcity integration > mapping > Actions tab. So, when commit receives state is changed to "Commit received" and the following workflow will immediately be invoked:

rule SVN workflow 

when State.becomes({In Progress}) {
  Assignee = reporter;
  State = {Fixed};

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