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I have several questions about creating issues from email.

1. Are Reporters counted as Users? I use now free 10 users license, so if Reporters are Users, I can not create them.

2. I've read in documentation that when Reporter was created for email, it will get mail nitification with permissions. But I get no any notification.

3. I've tried to comment to issue, but even in this case reporter does not get any email notification.

SMTP configured and works - test email works.

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Hello Konstantin,

Could you please provide some information of your environment: Youtrack version that you use, OS, etc?

1. Yes, in YouTrack standalone any user is counted against the license. In standalone version, Reporter is not a specific type of user account but just a user role (set of permissions). Yes, if you already have 10 registered users in your YouTrack installation, then you won't be able to create new ones.

2. If a new user  is created as reporter of an issue generated from email, then only the author of this original email should receive notification, which contains credentials of his newly created account. If you've already exceeded the user limit, no new user account will be created, and no notification will be sent.

3. Please check configuration in 'Filters and Notifications' tab of the reporter's user profile. Take a look at notification settings for the 'Reported by me' saved search. To receive notifications about new comments, the option 'on comment posted' should be enabled.

Another reason why issue reporter does not get notification about the comment might be permissions set to this user. What user roles are granted to 'All users' group, and any other user group, to which new users are joined automatically (e.g. New Users)?

Best regards,



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