need help on You Track

Guys i have downloaded and installed you track and then i have try to develop you track as my final year project.

i have copy some functionaliy of you track not 100% because it is so complecated. i named my project Issue Management System (IMS)

so now i have to create a documentation.

so my question is can any body provide me the you track documentation in a file, file may be in pdf or word document. from that document i would pick the relevant information which is helpfull for documentation.



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Hi  Nasir,

Glad to hear you found YouTrack that useful.

As for the documentation you've requested. Why don't you just find a peer-student in linguistics? The student could do his (or even her, if you are lucky enough) final year project based on YouTrack documentation. As an output there will be the pdf file you need.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,


PS. Should any of your buddies need a final year project, do not forget to take a look at JetBrains product's list.

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from where i can get the pdf file???????plz

because i don't know peer logistics.


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