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Given I've written pretty extensively what I expected from the scrum board, I will just post a link :

I'm very disappointed by the current scrum board because this is not easy to use at all for me in my day to day work especially for planning !

For me, the current scrum board is more a kanban board than a scrum board.

If you have only 3-4 active features / sprint then it may fit but given we implement around 10 features / sprint and that we do not split features in task...

I'll continue to use PivotalTracker as a planning tool because it is way more easier to use for that task (especially long term planning) and I'll continue to use YouTrack to track features and bugs content)

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I can't understand your requirement to fit 10 features on board, because we show features as swimanes.

So if you do not split feature on tasks, there will be now cards on board at all, so all this stuff doesn't make sence for me.

Can you pls provide more details or, better, attach screenshot of your current board?

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If you read"Agile estimating and planning" by Mike Cohn, you'll see that task splitting is one of the 2 possibilities.

The other possiblity is to use feature as the unit of work.
This is the 2nd company I work for where we do not use tasks but only features as the unit of work.

Regarding YouTrack, it "simply" ( ;-) ) means that I want to be able to use features instead of tasks in the board

1/ move feature from open to in progress to fixed to verified

2/ be able to have an estimate on a feature (ideally, the size on the screen is proportionnal to the size of the estimate )

3/ be able to priorize all the features (drag & drop between features)
4/ be able to add bugs to the board (a bug is also a unit of work)

Here is the screenshot of our current board.


Green = Verified

Yellow = Fixed (waiting verification)

Gray = In progress

Blank = Open

Parenthesis = Initials of assigned developper

Star = Feature

Bug = Bug

The number right to the start = nb story points (i.e estimate)


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