Using REST API to get unresolved issues by reporter

I would like to use the REST API, or any other method, to query the database for a list of unresolved issues reported by a registered user of the system.  This query would be generated external to the YouTrack web application.  The query submitted to the REST call would need to include a user id to be able to return the unresolved issues this user has submitted.  I am trying to combine issue reports from multiple systems into a single report.  In the YouTrack search field this shows as 'by: me #{All Unresolved Issues}' with 'All Projects' in the project selection drop down.  How would I best do this?
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This seems to work:

http://localhost:8080/youtrack/rest/project/issues?filter=reported by:user01+%23Unresolved&max=300

This returns all the unresolved issues submitted by user "user01" across all projects.  If the &max=<value> is left off, only ten records are returned.  Custom fields are returned in the data as well.  Date fields all come back as a Long value instead of a formatted date.  The space between "reported" and "by" in the filter can not be URL encoded as a %20.  The %23 is the URL encoded value of "#" which is needed for the query parameter #Unresolved used in the web application search bar.  Parameters are case sensitive as well.

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