Using VCS diffs in workflow rules


Is it possible to use diffs from VCS to use in workflow rules?

Let me explain what I want to do:
In my team we are planning to use comments in code in order to open a task.

Like this:
//// rev: This implementation is bad beacause it is redirecting to repository. Better to pass in a model with a link to repository to this View [to Name1.Surname1 from Name2.Surnam2]

So if the commit diff contains string with "//// rev:" it opens a task from Name2.Surname2 assigned to Name1.Surname1 with its description.

Is it possible to do that in Youtrack somehow?
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Hi ashagi,

unfortunately there is no possibility to access application code in Youtrack ever.
But you can execute command from VCS commit comment, probably it helps.
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Thank your for your reply.

I guess I will try to use VCS commit hooks to parse my code and alter commit comment, which will be used by YouTrack.

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