Advanced queries over YouTrack history

Hello all,

I'm investigating the possibility to execute advanced queries over the YouTrack issues.
For instance, I'd like to know the percentage of Reopened items after the project is over (i.e. when all items are Verified).
It's not possible to do that by a simple query because all items are now Verified (including those which had been Reopened long ago), so I need to look into the history.
What is the way to execute such queries over the history?
For instance, I might be interested in how many items were Reopened last month (note that some of them may already be Fixed), or which developer has got a lot of his items Reopened, or who has Reopened most of the items within certain period of time?

Any hints?
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Currently we do not support history queries.
The only way to implement your task is to get history data using REST API and analyze it using some external script or tool.

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