Hosting YouTrack on (free) OpenShift cloud

I found an article about how to set up YouTrack on a (free) OpenShift cloud account.
Perhaps this could be of interest to one or more people here.

I had to make a few adjustments to the procedure to get it to work with the current OpenShift version and the latest youtrack version (4.0.2).

1. OpenShift now runs 64 bit, so make sure to grab the 64 bit wrapper

2. There seem to be more restrictions on internal socket connections, since the wrapper failed to start initially because it couldn’t listen on any port from 32000 to 32999.
I solved this by adding this to wrapper.conf:

3. YouTrack persistently tried to write it’s database in the server home dir, which is not actually writable.
I finally solved that by adding one more parameter to wrapper.conf:
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Thanx a lot for sharing it with us.

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