Time tracking and "crashing" pictures problem

Colleagues, good morning

Could you please comment on issues JT-17446 (1)   and JT-17128 (2)?
They are of a very critical priority for our team.

Starting with (2):  this problem is really annoying and it really goes beyond the case was described in a ticket. Not only pictures are failed to load, but also the screenshots for the tickets as well as attachments.     Some pictures are "half loaded", some of them have artifacts something like "white-noise" effect.   It's really annoying to work without icons.

(1):   Is it possible to create a report of this structure ?  

Thank you very much
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Hi Anatoly.

As for JT-17446 unfortunately the answer is no. Feature is planning to be implemented in the nearest bugfix. Please vote/comment the issue.
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Pavel , thanks. We've added one more important and simple use-case :  search of the tasks on which the user has ever worked.
Would be great to have this capability, it would simplify the creation and coltrol of work items.

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