Howto create a workflow which ask the user whether he wants to do a certain action


I want to create a workflow which ask the user whether he really wants to change the project or not.
This is importent since we use permission for projects in order to show/hide projects to certain groups. If now a user unintended changes the project, he must be asked.
  • User changes the project from ProjectA to ProjectB
  • Youtrack shows a messagebox "Do you really want to change the project"
  • User can now decide whether he wants to change the project or not.

Is this possible to achieve whit a workflow?

best regards
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Hello Manuel,
YouTrack workflows are not designed to create confirmation dialogs.
Instead, I'd suggest you to narrow permissions for some users. Please be aware that a user requires non of the permissions from "Administrative Permissions" to be able to observe/edit project issues.

Best regards,
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Hi alexander,

Unfortunately this doesn't solve our problem.
We have several cusomers on our youtrack instance. Our developer must have access to all projects, the customer must only have access to its own project.

What now happened is that one of our developer unintended has assigned an existing issue from one project to another.

Is it possible to prohibit the change of the project for certain groups? This would solve our problem. Then the "regular" developer could not change the project, but the youtrack admin could.

best regards
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You can write the workflow:
rule change project restriction 
when project.changed { 
  assert loggedInUser.isInGroup("youtrack-admins"): "Project changing is prohibited for users of 'youtrack-admins' group."; 
And attach it to all other projects. It prohibits switching project by members of 'youtrack-admins' group.
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Hi Dimitry,

Thanks for your answer.
With this we can solve our requirement.


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