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I'm currently evaluating YouTrack to replace our old ticket system and so far it looks quite promising.

We have a "toplevel" project in which we create user stories ("Features") and which usually have several tasks in different other projects (think "backend", "frontend native", "frontend web"). The tasks are being created in these projects and linked as subtask to the user story in the "toplevel" project.

When opening the Agile Board for one of the subprojects everything is fine. It shows the user stories from the "toplevel" project and their subtasks (of that particular subproject). That's fine and like I expected it to work.

The problem is that the Agile Board of the "toplevel" project does not show the tasks of each user story. Unfortunately that's exactly what we'd require in order to get a good overview over the state of the user stories during an iteration. Is there some setting which will enable the subtasks being shown on the Agile Board of the "toplevel" project?

Or is there another workflow we could use to achieve the same goal (which is being able to see the progress of the iteration's user stories)?
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Hello, Jochen!

To achieve it you have to:
  1. enable Swimlanes in agile settings for toplevel project.
  2. share versions for toplevel and subprojects. Open subproject fields settings in administration, select it's version bundle, click "merge" and select toplevel project versions bundle in open popup.
  3. go to toplevel project agile board and create new sprint.
  4. put toplevel user stories and subproject tasks into this sprint. You can do it by openening issues list and applying command "new sprint name" to all desired user stories and tasks.
  5. go back to agile
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Hello Vadim!

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I simply forgot to share/merge the versions of the toplevel project but now everything is working as expected.

Best regards,

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