Prevent Changing to Tasks not Assigned To me

I've been evaluating different systems and one feature we are looking for is:

We want a taskboard, like you guys have but we want only admin or who is assigned to the task to be able to move it, not everyone in the project, any idea how to get this working with YouTrack?

Reason for this is, we would assign it to a developer and only allow him to make changes, or an admin would, but not allow other developers in the project to change his task or least the state.
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Hello, Lee!

You can implement this case using workflow:
1. Create worklow, like:
rule issuesStateUpdate 
when issue.State.changed { 
  assert loggedInUser == issue.Assignee || loggedInUser == project.leader: "Only Assignee or project lead can change State"; 
2. Attach workflow to your project.
After that only project lead and Assignee will be able to change issue state

Here is documentation about workflow:

Mikhail Kapusta

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