Custom field with unique value across all issues in particular project

We would like to have following logic applied to a project in YouTrack:
Each issue in the project has a custom field (name it Rank).

order by Rank:
issue-10 (rank 1)
issue-3 (rank 2)
issue-4 (rank 3)

if I change rank for issue-4 to rank 1, rank for all other issues should change appropriately (basically everything goes down: Rank - 1):
order by Rank:
issue-4 (rank 1)
issue-10 (rank 2)
issue-3 (rank 3)

We tried to implement a custom workflow which does this, but now we're facing two problems:
1. if we have many issues (say 20) with ranks from 1 to 20 and somebody tries to change rank for issue with rank=20 to rank=1 we get error: Cycle in workflow rules detected.
2. even if 1. would work we would receive 20 email about rank changed (from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, etc...)

So, my questions are what the best way to implement desired logic in YouTrack and and how to solve problems we're facing.
Hello Vasiliy,

as I understand you desire to implement the custom order on issues set. In YouTrack there is built-in custom order feature - look at the doc. reference

Does it cover your case?
Hello Dmitry,

we aware of "custom order" feature and it's almost does, but when backlog is big (hundreds or thousands issues) and custom order is used:
1. how to move an issue from the top of the backlog to it's tail?
2. how to move an issues around in batch?
3. how to understand who moved an issue and when?
I see your points. We'll consider 1 and 2 in future implementations.
As for 3, permission to edit the order can be granted per folder. I don't think there'll be any soft of audit related to issue reordering.

Best regards,

I would love to see this feature as well. Any progress on releasing it?


Hi, at the moment it's still not possible in YouTrack, unfortunately.
Please feel free to vote/comment for this feature request: to increase its priority and be notified of the updates.
In the meantime I can recommend you to use custom issues ordering:
You can also use our agile boards and reorder your issues on the board:

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


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