Read only fields for Reporters (YouTrack InCloud)

How can I create fields for a project which are readonly for Reporters ?

The way I see is to make it a private field and assign the right to read private fields to the reporter role. But in that case every reporter needs a user account license. :
Who are Reporters?
"Administrator can narrow the permissions set, but cannot extend it. Once an account get any permission above the Reporter's set, it automatically becomes a user account, and is count against the license."

Example: The Fix Version of a issue should only be set by a developer, but the reporter should see this field in the issue as readonly.
Hello Thomas,

Reporters have no permissions to edit issues by default. There is no reason for you to worry that some reporter can change any task/issue in your project. By default Reporters have Read-only permissions. The only type of an issue that can be changed by Reporter is the issue created by Reporter.

We'll be happy to help you if you have any questions!


Andrey Tigay
YouTrack engineer.
Hi Rajeev,

Done. Please, have a look at

Thank you.
Hi Andrey.

Please respond to my question:

Krasimir Atanasov.

Sure, done.

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