Not receiving email notifications after creating/reporting issues

I am new to in-cloud You Track. I am trying it out for our small start up. I (as administrator) "enabled" email notifications via my Profile, and have updated my settings to receive email notifications when I report an issue, when I am assigned an issue, and when issues are unassigned. See attached.

I don't receive those email notifications.

Is it b/c I – as the admin – am creating the issues? So, regardless of whether I assign the issues to myself and/or leave a created issue unassigned, I won't receive notification of my own issues?

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Hi Lisa.

Yes, you're right. Any issue changes have the author. If you've made these changes you should check receive notification of my own issues checkbox in your profile to receive notifications.
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Thank you! (And thank you for also responding via email from the tech support email address.) Such responsive service is very rare these days and greatly appreciated. Makes me look even more favorably on your products. Well done.

And, yes, I was missing that final checkbox to "receive notification of my own issue."  That worked like a charm.

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